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LIKE ...a moth to a flame, we are irresistibly attracted to visionary ideas. Travelling the world we are drawn to projects that are simply different. We revel in turning stereotypes inside out and shaking up the ordinary. Our team is constantly coming across surprises, trends and long-forgotten crafts...

BERLITZ-MM GROUP COOPERATION – worldwide unique cooperation in mobile training

BERLITZ-MM GROUP-KOOPERATION A milestone in the field of training and mobile marketing: for the first time in history, there will be a cooperation with the global provider Berlitz. For 140 years, the company has been a global provider for communications, interaction and successful collaboration training. Through the combination of our high-quality mobile training rooms and [...]

Passenger transportation of the future: Reaching the destination with 0 emissions and 24-carat genuine gold

Shortly before the beginning of the Olympic and the Paralympic Games 2020 Toyota is planning the employment of so-called FC buses in greater Tokyo. These environment-friendly fuel cell buses can transport up to 77 passengers and do not produce any [...]

Mobile marketing: when Pokemon GO becomes alive

The connection between the real and the digital world can be surprisingly effective. The city of Basel has impressively demonstrated how to create a clever combination of both worlds and therewith an outstanding marketing success. The City Marketing was courageous enough to project the Pokemon hype in the [...]

Shopping with a cooking spoon

Where virtuality meets reality! Thanks to our customers, we at mm have been encountering the trend towards genuine brand experiences on a daily basis. In the wake of massive Internet hype, an increasing number of brands are now recognising that they also require a presence in real life. Offline retailing [...]

Monaco by Surprise

Monaco is all about the big stage – grand prix, the jet set and royalty. But what happens on an average day in the principality? What is it like beyond the stereotypes? We found out by visiting just before the grand prix and meeting people next door to Prince Albert. When entering [...]

Making of Limited Editions

Making of Limited Edition – Designing the desired MORE valuable, more beautiful, more noble – how are limited edition vehicles created in the automotive sector? The art of customizing luxury vehicles repeatedly to give them a new twist requires great finesse and expertise concerning the vehicle‘s „DNA.“ Starting with the research and inspiration phase, the [...]

Mobility – the car finally learns from the horse

According to forecasts, the car of tomorrow will not only be made of new and lighter materials and equipped with more advanced drive solutions, it will also be more intelligent. “Electric and automated: the long-term goal of the autonomous car is to allow the driver to [...]

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