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Environmentally friendly mobility

We’re leading the way in environmentally friendly mobility. Of course, this includes long-term environmental protection that we implement with the help of strong partners.
Our top priority is neutralising our carbon footprint. We can do this by compensating for all the kilometres driven to get to a roadshow.

In addition to using green power from renewable energy sources and implementing long-term environmental protection to offset pollutants, we are also dedicated to the protection of rare animal species in their natural habitats through methods such as concerted orangutan adoptions. We also actively work together with the Forest Carbon Group and the “Marchi Mobile GoGreen-Initiative” to protect and revitalise underused wooded areas. We plant thousands of trees each year to maintain the natural pollution control.

As a general rule: Driving directly to your target group with a roadshow not only saves your customer time and the need to jump through hoops, it’s also great for the environment because it prevents customers from needing to travel to you.

As the first and only global provider of mobile communications, we have also utilised the exclusive “eleMMent” vehicle model series from our sister company Marchi Mobile. For example, the special aerodynamic shape of these vehicles, which are in part the creation of designer Luigi Colani, results in a drag coefficient comparable to a sports car (Cw 0,3615).

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