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STC – Small Truck Concept.

For many years, the mini-trailer has been a tried and tested, reliable vehicle design. Its multitude of applications, flexible and attractive layout, and value for money, has made the mini-show truck the preferred presentation solution for a myriad of sectors and applications.
The vehicle is especially suitable for target group-oriented brand presentations and product sales campaigns, and is equally effective as a rolling exhibition and mobile information truck, especially for promotional displays and events where space is at a premium. We offer this vehicle in both a European and an American design.


  • Total weight of up to 7.5 t, depending on the design
  • No driving ban on Sundays and holidays
  • Can be driven with a Swiss C1E driver licence (old Class 3) or local equivalent
  • Extremely low entry height
  • Stage extensions can be open or glassed-in

Minisattel am Brandenburger Tor


Category: Semi-trailer
Exhibition area: 25 m² – 35 m²
Roof area: none
Total area: 30 m²
Footprint: 80 m²
Weight: 9 t
On-board generator: Yes
Kitchen: No
Climate control/heating: Yes
Multimedia: Yes

Floor Plan

Grundriss Minisattel





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