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Futuristic Tractor Unit Design from Marchi Mobile.

The MMpro is an exclusive tractor unit by Marchi Mobile, produced by us, in-house. This exceptionally designed unit is the embodiment of a futuristic, multi-faceted marketing tool which brings together four vital components in one vehicle:

Exclusive design – Elements of the MMpro’s unusual design originally came from the hands of the world famous designer, Luigi Colani, best known for his aerodynamic stylistic idiom. Marchi Mobile then re-imagined this underlying design by adding its own stylistic elements, completing the process by integrating world-class functionality.

Power – With an engine that can produce up to 550 HP, the streamlined elegance of the MMpro tractor unit is underpinned by driving force and raw power.

Sustained awareness – One of the most important goals of your marketing campaign is to attract attention and create a lasting impression. Only consumers who remember who you are potential customers! Marchi Mobile’s “design truck” is a 100%-guaranteed eye-catcher. It can’t drive down any street in the world without turning heads. It can’t appear at any event without grabbing attention.

Fuel efficiency – As part of its corporate responsibility programme, the MMpro Marchi truck is making a significant contribution to protecting the environment.

As the exclusive provider of the very latest model series (based on Volvo machines), we can offer you, in the MMpro, not only the ultimate marketing tool, but also a powerful draft horse for your advertising campaign.

The MMpro can be combined with any standard trailer.

Equipment/special features:

  • drag coefficient of cW 0,3615 due to aerodynamics
  • 6 cylinder inline engine, 13 l engine size
  • Design truck engine performance: between 410 and 550 HP
  • Complies with Euro 6 standard
  • Automatic transmission
  • Basic vehicle: Volvo
  • Precision engineering
  • Individual interior fittings
  • Available as on lease, new, or used, depending on customer requirements




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