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Rolling shop Window – RSW

Not just a real eye-catcher, but also as secure as “Fort Knox” – you can use our Rolling Shop Window right now as your “glass safe on wheels”.

This attention-grabbing vehicle, with its unmistakable design, is ideally suited for operating as a mobile display window for everything that is especially precious and valuable, such as luxury wristwatches or jewellery.
With its six tonnes of armoured glass, and nine high-resolution security cameras, this “high security trailer” guarantees round-the-clock protection for its high-value contents. It is also exceptionally manoeuvrable.

Equipment/special features:

  • Glass walls, made of six tons of heavy armoured glass, ensure a secure, yet unobstructed “view”
  • Solid steel frame for maximum protection
  • Always in sight: Nine high-resolution cameras with intelligent software ensure your luxury articles are closely monitored at all times
  • Security technology: Four completely separate encrypted communication lines link the trailer to the central security office, to ensure the glass showroom is never out of contact
  • Maximum attention guaranteed! When the vehicle has been fully extended, it is more than six meters high!
  • The RSW is a luxury showroom with class!
    It can either be used in an extended state, on the chassis, or stand solidly on the ground, where it can be placed by crane

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