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10 to 40 foot show containers for your world-wide mobile brand launch.

Containers are extremely adaptable, and can be used for much more than just storing and transporting goods. They are some of the most popular modules for mobile presentations and product launches!

Our multifunctional containers are available in a range of sizes, from 10 to 40 foot. You can use them as closed showrooms or transform them into open stages. You can even join the individual modules together to create entire “container villages”. Your customers will always remember how they experienced the brands in the environments you have created. The “high cube” model, with its higher ceiling, always makes a great impression. And when it comes to interior fittings, there’s no limit to your creative imagination.

Thanks to the low floor level, these variable show mobiles are also ideal as pop-up shops. This also removes any anxiety visitors might have about entering a new space, which might reduce their interest in your event.

Highlights: Their standard mountings, and the fact that they can be transported using “swap trailers” (truck chassis), means that these promotion modules can be used anywhere in the world. They can also be CSC-certified for transportation by sea. The integrated hydraulic system means modules can be positioned quickly and conveniently.

All the modules can also be supplied with their own electricity generators, so they can operate anywhere, fully independently of any mains power network.






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